Thursday, June 26, 2008

Flores is fantastic!

Solstice & Saeta (l to r) at anchor at Lajes das Flores

Hydrangeas and the Atlantic

Festival fishes and loaf

Hydrangeas and village

Hydrangeas and waterfalls

We’re so glad that we were able to stop at this gorgeous island. It was named for its flowers, and flowers are everywhere, especially hydrangeas and wild roses. The roads and stone fences throughout the countryside are lined with hydrangeas. In the towns everyone has flowers in their yard and planters are ubiquitous along the streets. And it’s so clean! There’s no litter anywhere.

We arrived on Monday and learned that Tuesday evening was a festival in Santa Cruz, the largest town on the island. Together with the people from Saeta, we rented a car and drove to Santa Cruz. They were providing free bread, fish and wine in honor of St. John. We had a great time.

It’s difficult to get Internet access here, so this will be our only post from Flores. (Sadly, posting this had to wait until we reached Horta. The Internet provided by the local library didn’t open the next day when I went back to add the photos and finish the post.)

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