Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Atlantic Crossing Day 26 - 24 days 19 hours

We have arrived at Lajes das Flores, Azores. We have been to shore and cleared in with the officials. We also went to the market and got some local bread, cheese, and red wine. All were excellent. Now I'm going to sleep.

By the way, counting days is tricky. The blog counted the first day out as day 1, but in fact, it was day 0 until we'd been out for 24 hours. John counts starting with one, but Shirlee counts starting with zero. So it took us 24 24-hour cycles plus 19 hours to get here, more or less (the time changes confuse things further). That's 25 days when Shirlee's counting, but 26 when John is.

The Atlantic Crossing series will continue when we leave the Azores for northern France in about three weeks. In the meantime, we'll be posting photos to the previous Atlantic Crossing blog entries and posting about the Azores.

All is well aboard Solstice.

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