Sunday, June 22, 2008

Atlantic Crossing Day 25 - Almost There

We are 32 miles from Flores. We are so close that we are picking up the local FM broadcasts. At our current speed we would arrive at the port by 1:00 AM. We don't want to enter an unfamiliar port at night, so we are going to heave to when get within radar range of the island. With first light in the morning we'll continue to the port and anchor out.

We currently have a front passing over us and the winds are from the SW. On the back side of the front the winds will come from the NW. The winds after the front are predicted to be 20 to 25 knots with gusts to 30 knots. Fortunately the port we are headed for is on the SE side of Flores island. We should have a nice calm wind shadow for our entry to the port. If not, we'll heave to again and wait for the wind to moderate.

The last 24 hours was the second slowest day of this passage. Last night we had 0.0 knots of wind at times. Thankfully we had a favorable current at 1.3 knots. So even with no wind we did make some progress.

All is well aboard Solstice.

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