Thursday, June 5, 2008

Atlantic Crossing Day 8 - Ferris Water Power 200

With the cooler air temperatures and stronger winds our tow behind electrical generator is keeping up with our needs and providing a surplus of electricity. With warmer temperatures the refrigerator consumes the lion's share of energy. Radios, electronic navigation equipment, and navigation lights at night are the other priority electrical needs. Some days we would run the diesel generator for two one-hour sessions.

The Ferris Water Power 200 is an electric generator that is mounted on the stern rail. Attached to the generator is 100' of line with a shaft and a propeller on the end. As we move through the water the propeller spins, thus turning the generator and creating electricity. At 5 knots we can create 8 amps. With the surplus we have now we've turned on the music and are using the electric autopilot for this bouncy downwind sailing. Both the music and GPS-guided autopilot are luxuries. Today will be the first day that we will not have to run our diesel-powered generator. We hope to have many more days of no diesel consumption.

All is well aboard Solstice.

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