Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Atlantic Crossing Day 20 - Changes in latitude

Herb gave us the OK yesterday to head NE with a target waypoint of 36N by 40W, and in the subsequent 24 hours we had a good wind and current to take us up to 36N. Due to a low that's hanging out north of here, we'll stay at this latitude and continue east probably through Friday.

A big difference now that we're out of the tropics is that we've opened the curtains in the cabin and can see out again. We no longer have to hide from the sun. In fact, we ran the furnace a couple of nights. That was mostly to take some of the dampness out of the air, but the heat also felt good. The fans that we were running 24/7 for the past six months are getting a break, and we've dug out our sweat pants for night watches. It's still too warm for our foul weather gear, though.

We continued sailing wing on wing today with 10 to 20 knots of wind out of the WSW. The seas are a little lumpy, but not really big. Our last 24-hour log entry shows 162.7 nm at an average speed of 6.78 knots.

All is well aboard Solstice.

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