Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Atlantic Crossing Day 7 - The Amazing Herb Hilgenberg

At 1930 UTC on frequency 12.359 MHz sailboats from all over the north Atlantic begin checking in by calling "Southbound II, Southbound II this is (vessel name) standing by." At 2000 UTC Herb begins calling on each vessel and confirms their position and provides them with a personal weather forecast. The forecast includes analysis for wind, current, and the proper routing to avoid bad weather and how to improve your speed. What's amazing about this you may ask. He does this for free: it's his hobby. We talked with Herb today and found out that there will be gale force winds 100 NM north of us. We have good winds for sailing due east. That was his recommendation and that's what we'll do.

Today's winds have been much improved from yesterday. We've had 12 to 15 knots from the SSW all day. We have been averaging 5.5 knots to ENE. A very nice sailing day. Sunny, warm, good wind, and a helpful current. On the downside our boom vang became detached from the boom last night. Nothing urgent need be done, but the maintenance list has started. Remember cruising is just fixing your boat in exotic ports.

All is well aboard s/v Solstice.

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